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ServiceNow is the gold standard in cloud computing & service management. It makes the world of work better for everyone, improving workflows and putting you in prime position to compete in the fast-moving digital marketplace, but only if implemented correctly.

Sophisticated workflow management platforms require ongoing maintenance, optimisation and administration and for that you need trained experts who really know what they are doing. However, it can be difficult and expensive to get that expertise in house. 

This is where the team at Kaptius comes in. We are specialists in ServiceNow Integration and can help you to unlock the full potential of this fantastic platform. Our experts work remotely and onsite to provide consultation, advice and ongoing support to help you get the most out of this remarkable platform.

Our team will show you how ServiceNow can…

  • improve workflows

  • increase performance

  • reduce costs

  • supercharge operational efficiency.

In the digital marketplace, companies will need to be fast, agile and innovative. With Kaptius and ServiceNow, you’ll have all the ingredients to transform your business into a digital leader.

Expert advisors

It’s a cruel irony that some of the systems we use to create clarity and faster workflows can be complicated and hard to understand.

Teams often complain that cutting edge technologies fail to deliver the value they hope because they are not using it in the right way.

All too often, then, it’s not about your technology, it’s about how you implement it, which is why every business will benefit from expert advice.

Our ServiceNow experts understand IT management and ServiceNow inside out. With their backing and experience, you can design an implementation program which helps you achieve your key strategic goals.

Our Consulting services

ServiceNow’s great strength is its simplicity. It is much more straightforward than other leading partners, but even so, it is vital that you integrate the platform in a way which works with the complexities of your business and your individual objectives.

For this we provide on demand resources with certified ServiceNow experts capable of working onsite or remotely with businesses across Europe. Specialist work requires specialist people whether you’re looking at a small-scale adoption or extensive organisation wide integration.

Our experts can train your team, building internal capacity and empowering your staff to take control of your digital transformation projects. Throughout this process, our integrated approach guarantees business as usual avoiding down time. We handle full API testing to ensure new IT services work at the first time of asking.  

Our team has extensive experience in successfully implementing ServiceNow at scale.


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