What is ServiceNow's

Customer Service Management

Enhance your customer experience with an integrated platform.

Customer Service Management (CSM) is a series of workflows and tools for supervising and managing all interactions with customers of a organisation optimally.


CSM 's objective is to handle the customer experience ( CX) comprehensively, regardless of the channel of engagement or form of interaction and transaction. 

The Challenge

For any company, customer service is essential. A great or less-than great experience can have 

a big impact on your business. 

Whether you have a customer success team in place at a Fortune 500 company or you are the CEO of a 50 person operation, at any level, no matter your job, how you treat your clients or 

customers matters.

Customer service operations have reached a tipping point, according to a 2018 Forrester Research report on the state of the customer service industry. Similarly, the consulting firm McKinsey declared in 2018 that customer service is at the beginning of a new era, which McKinsey has named customer success 2.0.

So how do you get started?

ServiceNow offers Customer Service Management to address the following 

  • Automating common tasks to make the customer experience feel effortless and seamless

  • Connecting departments, workflows, and systems to proactively resolve customer issues

  • Proactively resolving issues before customers make contact

ServiceNow CSM can quickly, with more connectivity and proactively offer services, leading to better customer loyalty at lower case volumes and costs.

How we can help

ServiceNow Customer Service Management

Take your customer service onto the next level

In an increasingly competitive world, customer service is more important than ever. ServiceNow harnesses the latest technologies including digital workflows and machine learning to take your customer service onto the next level.

From gathering metrics about contacts to identifying trends, automating key tasks, connecting different departments, proactively resolving issues and solving problems at the earliest possibility, ServiceNow CSM gives you more oversight of your customer interactions than ever before.

Benefits include:

  • Identify hidden trends and data

  • Assign tasks and workflow

  • Multichannel customer service

  • Reduce repeat calls by connecting teams

  • Improve self-service with automated chatbots

  • Streamline processes

ServiceNow offers an end to end customer experience. The result is reduced waste, lower costs, improved performance and efficiency. Most of all, your customers will be happier, more loyal and end up spending more with your business.

Tailored services

With ServiceNow CSM you can choose from a collection of packages depending on your budget and requirements. These draw on key features including:

  • Case management: Manage interactions and SLAs model account relationships and outsource services.

  • Agent workspace: Boost the recovery power of your agents with multitasking, guided resolution and a single view interface.

  • Omnichannel: Give your customers a comprehensive omnichannel service be it via email, in person or social media.

  • Customer Central: Bring all your external and internal customer data into one place to boost productivity.

  • Advanced Work Assignment: Automatically route work to the best agent.

  • Playbooks for customer service: Manage case flows across teams by digitising and automating service processes.

  • Guided Decisions: Dynamically help agents resolve complex cases with complex recommendations.

  • Predictive intelligence: Use machine learning to identify issues and recommend courses of actions.

  • Self-service: Drive self-service from portal using chatbots.

  • Virtual agent: Improve the customer self-service experience with a conversational chatbot.

  • Knowledge management: Give your customers instant access to relevant knowledge.

  • Communities: Connect customers and employees with their peers.

  • Field Service Management: Create and manage work orders.

  • Visual workflow and automation: Automate all your essential services from a fully integrated hub.

  • Proactive customer service: Monitor customer interactions so you know what they want before they do. 

You’ll be able to cover the management of your account and achieve omni channel integration for a complete unified data management platform.

Whatever your goals, Service Now CSM has the power to transform your digital capabilities and deliver the service your audience demands. Our team of dedicated experts have an unparalleled understanding of ServiceNow. We can help you identify ways of integrating customer service management functionality into your business to take operations onto the next level. 

ServiceNow Implementation

To capitalise on the outstanding benefits of ServiceNow CSM we can provide experienced ServiceNow specialists who understand the technology inside out.

Every implementation follows a rigorous methodology adhering to ServiceNow best practice and shaped around your specific requirements. Our service is flexible enough to be as unique as you are and provides scalable, agile software development which ensures you can get the most from this remarkable piece of software.

With our help, you’ll be able to improve customer service, boost loyalty and provide a more joined up omnichannel customer service experience.

To find out more about how ServiceNow CSM can revolutionise your customer service, give our team a call today.

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