Integrated Risk Management (IRM)

Digital transformation made possible by the creation of a stable base. Through eliminating inefficient processes, you can now respond to business threats in real time, through integrating security and risk capabilities into an integrated risk management based on the Now Platform.

Integrated Risk Management & GRC affects every employee, agency, vendor, and service provider. It is the one business feature in which automation can have a beneficial impact on the entire organisation.

The challenge

GRC is establishing a permanent reporting system for organisations. This can be very complicated and time consuming to keep up with the global regulatory transition and market standards. Furthermore, enterprises routinely adopt new technologies , new business models and create new partnerships – all of which need to be assessed for impact on existing compliance risk. Undertakings must be able to track and identify failure controls and emerging threats for critical processes.

We can help

ServiceNow Governance , Risk, and Compliance (GRC) turns fragmented processes across your extended company into a cohesive GRC system based on the ServiceNow framework. Through continuous monitoring, prioritisation, automation, and a deep connexion to the ServiceNow platform, you can effectively respond to real-time threats.