ServiceNow Implementations Services


Understand Your Business & Tailor the Implementation


Make use of experienced professionals


Iterative Delivery of Projects


Explore the Platform Potential with recommenced practices

Rapid ServiceNow implementations.

Our success stems from the unparalleled expertise and experience of our team. They understand ServiceNow and other platforms inside out. Our uniquely tailored approach allows us to work closely with all our clients to develop bespoke solutions which help them meet their organisation’s specific goals and challenges.

Every ServiceNow project implementation we provide follows a rigorous methodology which adheres to ServiceNow best practice and is also shaped around all your operational and resourcing constraints. Every business is different, so our approach has to be flexible, scalable and with the ability to engage with your software development practices and organisational processes.


We are specialists in implementing following ServiceNow disciplines :

IT Service Management

  • Incident Management

  • Problem Management

  • Change Management


IT Operations Management

Full management of IT operations to include:

  • Discovery

  • ServiceMapping

  • Event management and integrations

  • Cloud management (Integrations with AWS, Azure, GCP)


IT Asset Management & CMDB

  • Asset Management Process & Life Cycle

  • Integration with Service Portal

  • Asset Imports Process


  • CI Class Schemas

  • Reconciliation Process

  • CI Data Clean-up

  • Health Dashboards & Reports

  • Generic APIs, with API Management Dashboards


Security Operations (SecOps) Implementation

Security is vital in the digital economy. Our team will deliver end to end security throughout implementation and ongoing use.

  • Complete lifecycle of logs, event analysis to security incident/vulnerability management and remediation

  • Splunk, Elastic Stack, QRadar, Moogsoft, Tanium Integrations


GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance)

  • SAR

An AGILE approach

The digital age requires a new approach. The traditional waterfall system which is all too familiar to businesses is becoming outdated. Instead, we use agile development to get the most out of every implementation.

Agile business is a much talked about concept, but many businesses don’t understand it completely. Because of this, agile projects often fail to work as smoothly as they should. Our team has the experience to work with both agile and traditional waterfall process structures and can also help you in your own transition towards an agile team.

Continuous development

Agile business relies on the following ingredients.

  • Flexibility: Agility is all about having the flexibility to respond to events as and when they happen.

  • Iteration: Tasks are completed in short sharp sprints.

  • Regular testing: By testing continuously, we resolve any issues and ensure the final product is as good as it can be. 

  • Continuous improvement: At every stage, we review and assess processes and actions. Our goal is to constantly learn from previous projects to ensure that solutions are constantly moving forward.

  • Closer user collaboration: Every project is unique and relies on in-depth collaboration and feedback between all stakeholders. We understand the requirements of all parties, to deliver a solution which helps you attain your key strategic goals.

The different between agile business and waterfall structures is like night and day. It’s like comparing a jet ski to a slow-moving cruise tanker. Agile businesses are perfect for the digital world; they are flexible, proactive and capable of delivering fast, quality innovation.

In short, they will run rings around the competition, and, with our agile approach, we provide iterative, flexible and agile innovations perfect for the digital age, all of which is underpinned by our tried and tested methodology.