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SIEM, SOAR & ServiceNow - Part 2

This is second & last part of the series. Please find the first part here: https://www.kaptius.com/post/siem-soar-servicenow-here-s-why-part-1

Security automation has helped organizations in the automatic handling of security operations-related tasks. It is has helped organizations in performing scanning for vulnerabilities or searching for logs—without human intervention. Security orchestration involves connecting security tools and integrating diverse security systems. It is the SOAR that acts as the connecting layer that streamlines security processes and powers security automation.

SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response) an aggregation of solutions and tools that help to streamline the security operations in threat and vulnerability management, incident response, and security operations automation.

Organizations by employing SOAR and SIEM solutions together make the job of the security operations team effortless. Security operations equipped with SOAR platform and SIEM solutions produce alerts that the security team can handle and respond effectively.

SOAR as a platform enables incident response to SIEM alerts in a way that can automatically communicate with other connected security tools to communicate the ever-increasing cyber threats. For the cybersecurity operations team, a shorter time to respond to cyber threats would mean lessening the adverse impact of a breach and reduced cost of the damage.

In short, SOAR has been inspiring organizations to improve the effectiveness and provide better Returns on Investments (ROI)of their cybersecurity operations. We explain how demystifying the value of SOAR could be pivotal to enhance an organization’s security posture and metrics to the stakeholders.

Workflows and Streamlining of Cybersecurity Operations.

A SOAR platform to be successful with the orchestration layer is to deploy a solution that comes with a library of plugins and a bunch of pre-built workflows for common use cases. Thus enabling easy connectivity to the technology stack and automation across security and IT processes. Custom made orchestrations or workflows with pre-built templates which can be used to work from the ground up to accelerate the process.

Increase in flexibility and collaboration

SOAR solution provides you with elasticity and a unique opportunity to collaborate. Involving redesigning workflows to the organization, create and manage integrations or in some cases build new processes. The vendor deploying the solution should be able to understand the use cases to optimization and solutions backed by neat documentation and support.

Enhancing incident response

SOAR helps organizations to minimize the Mean Time to Detect (MTTD) and Mean Time to Respond (MTTR) to incidents by enabling security alerts to be responded immediately in minutes, rather than months.

SOAR also enables security teams to automate incident response procedures. For example, automated responses include blocking an IP address on a firewall or IDS system, suspending user accounts, or quarantining infected endpoints from a network.

In conclusion, organizations deploying SOAR in conjunction with SIEM can,

  • Identify attacks fast

  • Quickly prioritize and respond to incidents.

  • Combine human processes and automation on one platform to reduce tasks and improve productivity.

  • Create real-time dashboards and reports with security-specific KPIs

Market Direction

According to Gartner, by the end of 2022, 30% of organizations with a security team larger than five people will leverage SOAR tools in their security operations, up from less than 5%.

There are now more clients aware of SOAR solutions, which is fueling further adoption. This awareness is broadening; even SOAR vendors claim to have less work evangelizing about the technology and more conversations about their capabilities and differentiators. However, improving detection and response activities is just one of several opportunities for the use of SOAR tools to support security operations activities.

Why ServiceNow then?!

ServiceNow Security Operations helps to bring relevant security data (events, alerts, incidents, logs) from your security tools into a structured response engine that uses smart workflows, automation, and deep IT connexions to prioritise and address threats based on the impact that they cause to organisations.

ServiceNow SecOps offers more than a SOAR solution by integrating with other security solutions in the eco-system (SIEM, Log Analysers, Monitoring Tools, Sight Searches, Event aggregators, raw events & alerts from data centers) with the Risk Management, Incident Response, Vulnerability Management & Threat intelligence. All are under one umbrella make the SOC team act quickly for any posed security risk.

Simplify Incident Response & Vulnerability Management

With automation and orchestration, you can reduce the time spent on simple tasks such as integrating with SIEM, Logs, Sight Check, CMDB, increases security response speed and performance. Integrates with Vulnerability databases & other internal scanners, pin points the accurate assets which can be a potential threat.

Connect Security and IT

Easily manage tasks with one platform across IT, security, and the company. Identify, prioritise and remedy changes quickly that affect the postures of security and risk.

Keep on eye security posture

Keep track of security with dashboards and reporting based on role. With Performance Analytics, you can strengthen monitoring capabilities of your security position and team performance.

ServiceNow SecOps bridges the gap between SIEM and Security team’s response management. It connects the Security Incidents, Vulnerabilities with integrated Risk management. In-house CMDB would be a great add on to spot the CIs in question.

Its powerful workflow engine allows to build Security Playbooks quickly and run them efficiently with the help of KnowledgeBase to feed the information to security runbooks.

We will discuss more about Security Incident Response, Integrations with Security solution stack, Vulnerability Management in the next posts.

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