Our ServiceNow Products


Seamless ServiceNow Integration

Integrate ServiceNow with any other system, whether it is on premise (ex: Splunk, Jira) or in cloud.  The Integration Platform helps integrations in all the ServiceNow Modules - ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, Event Management, Reporting & Analytics, CMDB API, SecOps Alerts, Threat Intelligence Tools, SIEM, SOAR Solutions.

The solution is backed by an industry leading reliable ESB.

  • Flexibly expose ServiceNow API, data, and services over different protocols (e.g. REST, SOAP, JMSP, FTP, etc.) and message formats (e.g. JSON, XML, CSV, etc.)

  • Easily incorporate powerful routing and transformation logic.

  • Use re-usable enterprise integration pattern building blocks & Configure rather than code.

  • Enforce Service Level Agreements (SLA) and monitor integration flows with automatic throttling, rate limiting, event collection, and notification.

  • Instance Cloning & Prevents the Performance issues of Production instance.

  • Improves the performance of Production cloud instance by replicating data to downstream systems over ESB.

  • API Management, API Service User Management and dynamic ServiceNow API Subscription.

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Bulk Data Ingestion & Extract Solution for ServiceNow

A bulk data ingestion into ServiceNow is always a challenge, input data validation, reference data and mapping to the facts fields, reconciliation, import exceptions is a cumbersome task to develop and manage. We have developed a solution which made use of powerful Extract, Transform and Load capabilities of data export algorithms and ServiceNow based scheduling mechanism.  

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OKR Platform to manage the Organisations Objectives & Key results.

OKR is a goal setting framework which has two pivotal elements Objective and Key Result. An Objective is clarity in intent and Key result is how it will be measured, which helps businesses set targets and define goals.

OKR Pro provides users with the following pre-built functionality:

  • Create OKR components: Objective, Key Results and Milestones.

  • Associate multiple Key Results with an Objective Record.

  • Associate multiple Milestones with a Key Result.

  • Set target for Key Result.

  • Auto-assess target values for setting status.

  • Create Check-In records.

  • Reports and Dashboard.

  • OKR Pro Portal for excellent user experience.