Security Operations Challenges

IT Security is a hot-button problem for companies, IT infrastructure and consumer services. Security teams will easily get overwhelmed with warnings and vulnerability information from both known and unknown sources. Nonetheless, these alerts also lack details about their business relationship which makes it difficult to determine what constitutes the organisation's greatest threat.

Incredibly, it can take months to identify and respond to a threat – if it's detected at all. Few organisations have the capacity to track all that happens in the enterprise, evaluate and respond to risk in real-time, and generate the reports that internal and external auditors need to see in an efficient way.

As cyber attacks continue to develop and become more advanced, siloed security solutions will no longer be able to keep up because they lack the analytical resources to solve the problems when breaches occur. Manual cross-team processes lack the necessary efficiency for responding to attacks or defending vulnerabilities, ultimately leaving your organisation at risk for a breach or compromise.

The aim of ServiceNow Security Operations is to connect your security strategy with your IT team.

ServiceNow Security Operations 

  •  Security Incident Response: Track security incidents as they progress from detection and analysis through containment, eradication, recovery, and closure.

  • Vulnerability Response: Use this application to track, prioritise, and resolve known vulnerabilities from the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) and other sources.

  • Configuration Compliance: Aggregate-scan results from configuration scanning applications and prioritise configuration compliance issues with the Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

  • Threat Intelligence: Find indicators of compromise and enrich security incidents with threat intelligence data.

  • Trusted Security Circles: Generate and receive community-sourced observables to improve threat prioritisation and shorten the time required to identify and remediate threats.

  • Security Operations common functionality: If any of the plugins for Security Incident Response, Vulnerability Response, Threat Intelligence, or Configuration Compliance are activated, it will activate the Security Support Common plugin. The plugin loads modules that provide functionality common across all Security Operations applications. 

Kaptius team can help you to customise Security Incident Response (SIR) & Vulnerability Management solutions to suit your organisation's needs. Our team, which consists of two field engineers, a senior consultant and a technical architect, works together to get your project off the ground and into action. It all starts with a questionnaire on pre-engagement and data analysis that sets the stage for a fast , effective implementation.