The future of Configuration Management is one that stresses the use, maintenance, and reliance on good data that is properly audited for accuracy, interrelated to align with business goals, and enhances IT services to users. As IT continues to provide more and more services across the entire enterprise, the management of thousands—even millions—of data points, assets, and functions will only grow larger and more complex.
By deploying a strong CMDB solution, an IT department can more fully prepare for disruptive change and participate in the processes and procedures that add value and align services with the overall goals of the company. Streamlining information flow, providing accurate information for decision making, and enhancing service capabilities for departments that focus on core profitability make the CMDB a critical tool to enhance a company’s competitive advantage.

ServiceNow CMDB Datasheet


As IT becomes more embedded into business operations, service management is becoming increasingly crucial. It plays a central role in the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations., improving performance, adding visibility and reducing operational cost.When implementations are poorly planned and managed, they can fail to deliver value. In some cases, they can even create more problems than they solve. Good service management is all about providing IT accountability, transparency and achieving a low risk implementation of new IT infrastructure.  We’ll provide comprehensive service management for your ServiceNow operations enabling you to modernise and transform IT across your organisation. We’ll help you move from multiple cloud-based services to a single integrated solution which brings all your data into one place.We can help with services such as incident management systems, problem management and change request management. This will help your organisation respond quickly to any incidents as and when they occur and to incorporate changes or alterations to systems in a non disruptive manner.

ServiceNow ITSM Datasheet


Operations management can be the linchpin of your business, but its multidisciplinary nature means it is much misunderstood and can be complex.Good IT operations management will help you to plan, organise and supervise in the context of the manufacturing and provision of services. It ensures that an organisation provides services efficiently and effectively. It simplifies your digital architecture by creating a single record for all your operations. Using ServiceNow, you can automate certain processes which would otherwise require time and effort on the part of your team. Managing all IT systems integrates assets, saves time, money and effort while freeing your team up for other tasks.  ITOM services such as Service Mapping and CI Discovery can be a vital component of a ServiceNow IT operations management process. It helps your IT optimise all your workflows and minimise the cost of ongoing operations. You’ll get a full top down view of all applications your business is using. The process adds transparency across your infrastructure making it easier for you to manage your infrastructure.

ServiceNow ITOM Datasheet


Security is essential to the success of any digital transformation project. Going digital brings many benefits, but it also exposes you to a number of security risks. Our team of experts will build a tailored secure system to keep all data shared over third party cloud providers, such as ServiceNow, safe and secure.

ServiceNow SecOps Datasheet


Every business is different with its own processes, challenges and requirements. Achieving a customised integration is vital, but it can be challenging.It is sometimes difficult to find trained qualified staff with the technical expertise you need to help. Migrating to the cloud can add complexity and expose your organisation to cyber security risks, not all of which you may fully understand.For this reason, you need the help of experts. Our team works in a flexible and agile way to deliver bespoke integrations designed specifically to help you achieve your key strategic goals. Our experts can work to plan, implement and monitor integrations to ensure you’re getting maximum value from ServiceNow. We’ll provide a common service aware message bus together with reliable and scalable message bus architecture to aid in the messaging, organisation and delivery of messages and content.With our help you’ll be able to manage all your systems from one place saving time, building value and improving workflows.

ServiceNow Orchestration Datasheet